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This is a partnership between the Santa Barbara School District and the Department of Rehabilitation. It serves students with learning differences and disabilities through vocational assessments, career guidance and transition services.

This program assists students prepare for college. Services include tutoring, college visits and SAT/PSAT workshops. Students are eligible if they meet one of these criteria:
(a) they are the first generation in their family to attend college or
(b) the family meets an income requirement.
Go to for more information.

Our staff assists students wishing to research career opportunities. Resources include interest and skill assessment surveys; computer and internet data bases; vocational texts, brochures & pamphlets.

Students can find information on several thousand post-secondary schools using our extensive library of catalogs, videos, computer and internet resources.

Students planning to graduate from any high school in the Santa Barbara District are required to complete 60 hours of Community Service during their four year stay in high school. The Career Center provides the necessary forms and houses a Community Service Board advertising over 100 non-profit agencies.
Go to (COMMUNITY SERVICE WEBSITE) for more information.

The Career Center serves as a site for business professionals, college, technical school and military recruiters to present information to students. Students should keep an eye open for announcements and bulletins advertising these presentations.

The Career Center maintains a Job Board that lists part-time work opportunities. Students can check the board anytime during the school day until 3:30 pm.

Students who would like to visit a business for a day to learn what a person does in a specific profession, can sign up at the Career Center. We try to match them up with a person in a field of work that the students have an interest. Longer term internships at a business site can also be arranged.

Students 16 years and older are eligible to enroll in technical courses offered through the Santa Barbara County School Office. They will learn a skill and earn a certificate that prepares them for entry level positions as well as better paying part-time jobs. Classes offered at SBHS include Auto Body & Paint, Auto Occupations, Bank Teller Training, Computer Business Applications, Computer Accounting, Word Processing & Virtual Business Enterprise.
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To qualify, students must be juniors or seniors working an average of 10 hours or more per week at an approved work site. They earn elective credit by attending and completing assignments in the class which meets once a week.

Minors between the ages of 14-17 years must be issued a Work Permit to be legally employed. Applications are available in the Career Center. Once they have completed and returned the application to the Career Center, we will issue the Work Permit which the employer must keep on file. Students must have proof of age, a social security card and verification that they are enrolled in school.

This Santa Barbara County program helps disadvantaged youth to find work year 'round. The service is available to students who qualify for the program and are between the ages of 14-21 years.
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