Don Riders Lowrider Bike Club
Mission Statement
Don Riders is a Lowrider Bike Club where students make customized bikes. Dons With Flava is a dance team which has been around for 13 years, and has been recently revived by request from students this year. In order to participate, students of SBHS achieve academic success at the high school level in order to prepare them for higher education. Both groups work towards changing lives and in the long run, change the face of our community by mentoring teens and giving them art as a way to express themselves. It is about giving students access to resources that they would normally not receive because of family financial circumstances and educational backgrounds. By partnering with D.W.F we can now offer on option for female students that are falling into the lifestyle doesn’t have gender boundaries. Our goal is that fewer students will find refuge in a gang culture that is violently eroding the neighborhoods in which we live. We hope to help build character and the skills necessary to be successful on their way to higher education and beyond.

Santa Barbara High School Don Riders
This program has been in existence for four years now. The club was created as a challenge to a troubled student.He was asked to think of a way to keep him out of trouble. He came back a few days later with the idea for a low rider bike club. Since then, the club has given many more students the opportunity to stay out of trouble, especially to stay out of the gang lifestyle that can be found in Santa Barbara.
Dons With Flava (D.W.F)
It was created over 13 years ago as a dance performance club. The direction and purpose of DWF has changed in the past year due to the rise in violence and gang activity in Santa Barbara. DWF now uses the art of dance as medium through which female students can find a healthier alternative to express themselves and work as a team.
Club members are asked to keep a 2.5 GPA and attend class regularly in order to participate in any club activities and functions. Students turn in weekly progress reports and their school attendance records checked bi-weekly to insure members are in good academic standing. If students are not performing in the classroom the advisors step in and figure out how to help the student be it either 1 on 1 tutoring, library tutoring sessions or an after school place to do homework.
As a part of the program, the students participate in various fundraisers for various causes and car shows, where they can display their creative endeavors. In the last year, Don Riders and DWF have joined with the Twelve35 Teen Center and Collaborative Communities Foundation (CCF) in order to provide more services and opportunities for growth for the students. They are given the chance to participate in field trips to colleges and universities and any events therein, as well as
being treated to guest speakers and interning opportunities.

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