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We serve approximately 200 students who meet one of the following criteria:
  • Students with an active IEP who are supported through Special Education
  • Students with a 504 accommodation plan developed through the Student Study Team
  • Students with physical handicaps who need access to assistive technology
  • Students who are clients of the Department of Rehabilitation
The Technology Enhanced Learning Lab evolved over 18 years. Presently we have 25 computers. Seven IBM computers deliver basic skill and word processing software over a Local Area Network. Soon we will be able to access information from our Library via a CD-ROM server. There are 2 MAC computers loaded with assistive software for improving written language. In addition, several PC computers are set up for students who are visually or physically impaired. Special software is available on all platforms for students with learning disabilities.

This year we have twelve computers for Internet connection.. We plan to help students with language arts and research skills. We hope to increase student awareness of vocational opportunities through access to the Internet.

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