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Special Education provides a continuum of services for students with a current Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.). Special Class teachers, and Designated Instruction Service (D.I.S.) specialists participate in collaboration, consultation, and direct instruction to provide access to the core curriculum in the least restrictive environment. All Special Education students are closely monitored for more integration as soon as they are ready.

In order to demonstrate competency and to fulfull graduation requirements, Special Education students ...
Each Special Education teacher coordinates the services specified on the I.E.P. for each student on their caseload. All programs are coordinated with the general education programs and core curricula. Services in all the settings mentioned above, may be provided by a general education teacher, a specialist, and /or instructional assistants who are under the supervision of the certificated special education staff.

The special education site chairperson is responsible for coordinating I.E.P. meetings, and for coordinating the schedule of special education staff to assure that identified students receive the needed support and services as specified on each I.E.P.

Students with an IEP take part in a wide variety of electives.

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