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The Green Academy combines theory and practice to guide students through the processes of becoming stewards of our environment.

The Green Academy's goal is to foster scholastic achievement, encourage environmental stewardship, support community involvement, and develop a deep understanding of local ecological issues. Our structured classes offer students an articulated program that will propel them into their chosen pursuit, be it academic or vocational. Two specialty courses are offered in a two-hour block that allows students to participate in much more engaging, long-term projects, while allowing our instructor to develop more complex and enriching lessons.

The Green Academy has recently partnered with community organizations to become the only high school in California to grow the Jatropha plant. This plant can be processed to produce bio-diesel, allowing Santa Barbara High School to effectively grow, process, and fuel its own bio-diesel vehicle.

Students will: gain an understanding of local ecological issues; participate in local habitat restoration; practice valuable job skills; visit numerous sites of local ecological importance; gain access to varied environmental community service opportunities; learn from a diverse sampling of guest speakers; monitor local creek quality; and maintain a small organic garden, which will provide food for them, their school, and their community. After completion of the Green Biology program, students will be invited to continue into our offerings for the following school years.

Introduction To Environmental Horticulture 1, 2
(SBCC: EH 110/111, INTRO TO EH I/II)
As part of the Green Academy's Green Biology Program, students must enroll in both classes concurrently, during zero and first period. Because these classes have so much content overlap, their combination results in a unique learning experience. These classes are taught by the same teacher, and are held in the same classroom, so the result is a two-hour block of instruction. Over the course of the academic year, students will cover all the requirements for both classes, but by combining the courses, students will be able to participate in more engaging, long-term projects, while allowing our instructor to develop more complex and enriching lessons. Students will study Biology (molecular and cellular science, genetics, heredity, evolution, ecology, and physiology) and Environmental Horticulture (botany, plant husbandry, soil/water management, natural history, ecology, and garden, greenhouse and planting management) within the context of environmental stewardship and long-term sustainability. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to attend field trips, learn from guest lecturers, and receive community service hours.
PREQ: Algebra 1,2 and Chemistry 1,2 strongly recommended.
20 units, 2 semesters (total for both classes)

This new program is an exciting alternative to standard Biology classes, with plenty of benefits. Students will:
  • Participate in a new learning environment (many of our lectures and labs are taught outdoors, either in the field or in our greenhouse/garden complex).
  • Satisfy their high school graduation requirements for Biology/Life Science and also fulfill their optional science requirement, all in one year, in addition to receiving SBCC credit and meeting their university lab science requisite.
  • Have the opportunity to satisfy their community service requirements through a series of unique and interesting local environmental projects.
  • Maintain a small organic garden, which will provide food for the class, the school, and the community.
  • Gain valuable job skills, experience a variety of jobs in environmental and horticultural fields, and connect with numerous employers in the area.
Ask your counselor about enrolling in this new course. If you have any questions, contact Jose Caballero at [email protected].
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