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Santa Barbara High School received a positive review during its 2004 WASC accreditation, with a three-year follow-up to occur during the 2007-2008 school year. The guiding principles found within our Vision Statement, our Mission Statement, and our Expected School-wide Learning Results capture our commitment to every student on the Santa Barbara High School campus.

Santa Barbara High School will prepare all students to be dedicated life-long learners, understanding citizens, and nurturing, healthy individuals.

Santa Barbara High School's mission is to provide every student with the opportunity to develop his or her talents and strengths as completely as possible. This is best achieved with a strong sense of community involving parents, teachers, students, and other community members who have a commitment to the education of all students. This philosophy is founded upon the premise that all students can learn. Santa Barbara High School will be structured to prepare all students to:
  • Understand and respect both individual and cultural diversity,
  • Develop strong moral and ethical values,
  • Develop and maintain confidence and a sense of self-worth,
  • Participate effectively in a democratic society,
  • Compete successfully in an increasingly technological job market, and
  • Become life-long learners.

Every Santa Barbara High School Student is a:

Dedicated life-long learner who
  • Works conscientiously to achieve his or her academic potential.
  • Speaks, listens, reads, writes, and thinks well in all core disciplines.
  • Can identify, analyze, integrate, and apply academic content standards.
  • Enriches his or her creative abilities, and cultural awareness through participation in and study of art, music, and ideas.
  • Uses technology responsibly and knowledgeably.
Outstanding citizen who
  • Treats all people with dignity and respect.
  • Contributes time, energy, and talent to improve our community.
  • Accepts responsibility for personal actions, opinions, and decisions.
  • Plans and accomplishes goals in groups and individually.
  • Solves issues democratically, resolves conflict nonviolently with active listening.
  • Demonstrates, in daily practice, personal responsibility for creating a positive school environment and conserving resources.
Nurturing, healthy individual who
  • Participates in regular physical exercise.
  • Avoids tobacco, drugs, alcohol, and harmful behavior to self and others.
  • Applies the fair-minded principles of sportsmanship in all endeavors.
  • Strives for nutritional, physical, and emotional well-being.
  • Attends school regularly, on time, and ready to learn.