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Welcome to Santa Barbara High School, an incredible California landmark. Our beautiful school is the culmination of all the great things in the city of Santa Barbara. Our 130-year history allows us to see how pioneers in aviation engineering, economics, theater, athletics, and service to our community came to be. The students who walk our campus today have much in common with alumni such as John Northrop, Charles Schwab, Martha Graham, Randall Cunningham, and Pearl Chase; they study in the same classrooms and they feel the same rewarding satisfaction that comes with grasping an elusive academic concept, just as our famous alumni did years ago.

As members of the Santa Barbara High School community, we recognize that we are the beneficiaries of the 130 years of collective hard work and vision that preceded us. Just as we met the 20th century's needs by providing our nation with great thinkers and community supporters, we enter the next century as a symbol of the great things that our city's founders intended more than a century ago. We celebrate the scholarship, diversity, and community service our students achieve every day, and we foster the spirit of ingenuity that our ever-changing world requires of its new leaders.

At Santa Barbara High School, college is not the ultimate goal - instead, college is viewed as a tool for our students to reach their goals and ultimately, leave their collective mark on society. Our continued tradition begins today, and our students will continue leading the charge into a bright future.

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