Mission & Goals


Santa Barbara High School will prepare all students to be dedicated life-long learners, understanding citizens, and nurturing, healthy individuals.

School-wide Learning Goals

Every Santa Barbara High School Student is a:

Dedicated life-long learner who:
  • Works conscientiously to achieve his or her academic potential.
  • Speaks, listens, reads, writes, and thinks well in all core disciplines.
  • Can identify, analyze, integrate, and apply academic content standards.
  • Enriches his or her creative abilities, and cultural awareness through participation in and study of art, music, and ideas.
  • Uses technology responsibly and knowledgeably.

Outstanding citizen who:
  • Treats all people with dignity and respect.
  • Contributes time, energy, and talent to improve our community.
  • Accepts responsibility for personal actions, opinions, and decisions.
  • Plans and accomplishes goals in groups and individually.
  • Solves issues democratically, resolves conflict nonviolently with active listening.
  • Demonstrates, in daily practice, personal responsibility for creating a positive school environment and conserving resources.

Nurturing, healthy individual who:
  • Participates in regular physical exercise.
  • Avoids tobacco, drugs, alcohol, and harmful behavior to self and others.
  • Applies the fair-minded principles of sportsmanship in all endeavors.
  • Strives for nutritional, physical, and emotional well-being.
  • Attends school regularly, on time, and ready to learn. 
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